Mike Bell - Tube & Underground Bands & Plots Map Designer

Hi, my name is Mike Bell, and I am a UK-based show and event designer who created the first of these tube maps during lockdown.

My work as a show designer had evaporated, and these new, and unique, underground map style visualizations re-connected me with my youthful past of live music work as a naïve roadie and my burgeoning interest in data visualization.

Since the lifting of lockdowns the maps and shows now sit side-by-side in my creative life, providing me with two very separate sets of demands.

In addition, I endeavour to post at least one poem every day on www.mikebellpoems.com - this is part of my daily engagement to beat back my early onset Parkinson's diagnosis. I'm in great shape - fitter and healthier than I have been in 20 years! 

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