The Offer

My collection at Mike Bell Maps is diverse and ever-growing. It includes maps of band recording histories, film plots, politics, sports, and more, all styled in my tube map format, using lines and intersections to show detailed information and stories.

My map products range from high-quality prints to postcards, suitable for a variety of customers and spaces. My gallery in Lewes has proven the attractiveness of my prints to a variety of customers seeking individual and intriguing prints for themselves, or as gifts.

I am now seeking to expand my retail trade partnerships with re-sellers - my ongoing supply for one of the UK's top independent record stores has encouraged me to reach out to other retailers:

“We started working with Mike over Xmas ’23 and were taken aback by how quickly they were flying off the shelves, and they’ve continued selling well since. The maps are richly detailed and well put together and feel like the perfect gift for people who love to show off their music knowledge and have an appreciation for the detail and complexity of their favourite artists’ careers.” Resident Music, Brighton

Why Partner with Mike Bell Maps?

  1. Unique Products: My maps are more than just prints; they're pieces of art that spark conversations and stand out in any retail space.

  2. Broad Appeal: They attract music lovers, film enthusiasts, political followers, and sports fans alike, making them perfect for different types of stores.

  3. Quality and Variety: I focus on the quality of each print, offering a range of sizes to fit various needs and spaces.

  4. Global and Local: While my roots are in the UK, my maps have a global appeal, making them a great addition to stores worldwide.

  5. Growing Together: As I expand my map range, my retail partners grow too. I believe in mutually beneficial relationships, offering good margins and support.

If you're interested in exploring a partnership, I'd love to talk more about it. Reach out, and let's start this journey together!


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