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Embark on a Visual Journey with the Levellers Band Tube Map Poster - A Creative Blend of Music Legacy and Artistic Design!

Detailed Description

Unique Concept

Dive into the world of the Levellers with this one-of-a-kind tube map design. Each line intricately maps out the band's albums, songs, and key events, offering a new way to experience their musical journey. It's not just a poster; it's an exploration of the Levellers' impactful history in music.

Visual Appeal

Crafted with vibrant colours and precise lines, this poster is a visually captivating tribute to the Levellers. Its artistic design makes it a perfect addition to any space, inviting you on a nostalgic trip through the band's influential legacy.

Quality Material

Printed on superior 240gsm art paper, this poster boasts a high-quality look and longevity. Its resilient material ensures that the dynamic colours and intricate details endure over time.

Product Specifications


Available in a variety of sizes to fit your preference - A4, A3, A2, A1, and select A5 postcard options.


Printed on high-grade 240gsm art paper for a premium and durable finish.


Global shipping available from Lewes, East Sussex, with secure packaging to ensure pristine condition upon arrival.

Artist's Note

Crafted by Mike Bell, a UK-based show and event designer, this map is born out of a deep-rooted passion for music and visual storytelling. Created during the lockdown, it merges my longstanding connection with live music, my expertise in data visualization, and my appreciation for the Levellers' rich musical heritage. These maps reflect not only art but the intersecting stories of music and history.

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