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I started out doing a few 'place' maps back in 2020, but that niche market is saturated, & not such a huge challenge as what soon became my other maps across band, film and political stories. 

I stock this, and the Uckfield one, because people ask for them. A huge one hangs in the Picture House in Uckfield, and a bespoke expanded Lewes one in a consultancy in Lewes.

Any place tube map is not high art, original, or very clever -  mine are just a bit irreverent. 

Listed here, after being first produced by me in 2020 - now in full A4, A3, A2 or A1 print sizes - so one of my original lock-down place maps is made re-available for all you Lewesians, and everyone else too!

Available in high-quality art paper from A5 cards to A1 prints | Ships anonymously, ideal for direct gifting

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