Why Underground Maps?

During lockdown, I daydreamed about impossible journeys. My mapping of such in my head went a bit weird. I started thinking about tube maps, and how they could help us navigate other non-places.

Via social media, I was challenged to map The Fall's studio album history as an underground map. It worked! Their studio albums had an incredible journey to show, as do others - from Bowie through to The Who, and others.

My Bruce Springsteen albums line-up map is now included in his official archive in the USA.

My 'Plot Lines' designs cover films and novels. On these each tube line represents a character, each interchange when they, well, interchange, along with individual 'stops' in the development of the plot.

In addition, I produce tube maps of POLITICS, F1, FOOTBALL, and WAYS TO .. all being added to all the time.

Band Maps as of 1st November 2022:  

Billy Bragg
Blondie / Debbie Harry
Bob Marley & the Wailers
Bruce Springsteen
David Bowie
Deep Purple
Echo & the Bunnymen
Edwyn Collins / Orange Juice
Everything But the Girl
Fleetwood Mac
Foo Fighters
George Harrison
Jethro Tull
Joe Jackson
John Lennon
John Lydon / Sex Pistols / PIL
Sex Pistols / Lydon
Johnny Marr
The Smiths
Kate Bush
Leonard Cohen
Lloyd Cole
Matt Johnson / The The
Nick Cave
Liam Gallagher
Noel Gallagher
Paul Weller
Pink Floyd
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Beach Boys, 1962 - 65
The Beatles
The Housemartins / The Beautiful South
The Byrds
The Charlatans
The Fall
The Kinks
The Rolling Stones
The Stranglers
The Who
Tom Petty / The Wilburys

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