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Liam vs Noel: Post-Oasis Sounding Off

Mike Bell
The Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel, not only embarked on successful solo careers after Oasis but also collaborated with a diverse array of musicians, enriching their music and showcasing their versatility as artists.
This expanded look into their post-Oasis journey highlights the significant collaborations that have marked their solo endeavours and underscores the breadth of their musical influences.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds: A Collaborative Flight

Noel Gallagher, with his project Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, has not only ventured into new musical territories but also embraced collaboration with various artists and producers. His albums feature a mix of long-time collaborators and new faces.
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The journey began with the self-titled debut album in 2011, "Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds," where Noel worked closely with producer Dave Sardy, known for his work with bands like LCD Soundsystem and Band of Horses. This partnership helped shape the album's sound, blending rock with orchestral flourishes.
As Noel's solo career progressed, so did his list of collaborators:
  • "Chasing Yesterday" (2015) saw contributions from musicians such as Paul Weller of The Jam, playing organ on "The Girl With X-Ray Eyes," and Johnny Marr, former guitarist of The Smiths, featuring on "Ballad of the Mighty I." These collaborations not only added depth to the music but also connected Noel with his roots in the British rock scene.
  • "Who Built the Moon?" (2017) marked a significant departure in Noel's sound, thanks in part to his work with producer David Holmes. Holmes' influence is evident in the album's experimental approach, incorporating elements of psychedelia and electronic music. The inclusion of the French spoken word artist Charlotte Marionneau on "Le Petit Chevalier" is a testament to Noel's willingness to experiment and push boundaries.

Liam Gallagher: Raw Collaborations

Liam Gallagher, after Oasis and the disbandment of Beady Eye, launched his solo career with "As You Were" in 2017. While Liam's solo work is deeply personal, he has also opened up to collaborations, working closely with producers like Greg Kurstin, known for his work with Adele and Foo Fighters, and Andrew Wyatt, who has worked with artists like Lady Gaga. Their influence helped Liam craft a sound that was both nostalgic and fresh, bridging the gap between his Oasis legacy and his own artistic voice.
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For "Why Me? Why Not." (2019), Liam continued his collaboration with Kurstin and Wyatt, further refining his sound and exploring new lyrical themes. The album features contributions from a variety of musicians, adding layers to the music that highlight Liam's growth as a solo artist.

The Legacy of Collaboration

Both Gallagher brothers have demonstrated that collaboration is key to their post-Oasis evolution. Noel's work with an array of musicians and producers has allowed him to explore new genres and sounds, from psychedelic rock to electronic, while maintaining his signature song-writing style.
Liam, on the other hand, has embraced collaboration in the studio to enhance his vocal prowess and song-writing, ensuring his music remains relevant and resonant with fans.
These collaborations have not only enriched their music but also highlighted their ability to adapt and grow as artists. The musicians and producers they have worked with post-Oasis have played a crucial role in their solo successes, bringing new ideas and influences that have helped shape their music.
Whether through the experimental sounds of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds or the emotive anthems of Liam Gallagher's solo work, their post-Oasis careers are a testament to their enduring talent and the power of collaboration.
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