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Dive into the intricate connections of British political history with the "UK Prime Ministers 120 Years of School Ties" tube map, a striking visual representation by renowned map designer Mike Bell. Perfect for history enthusiasts, educators, and anyone fascinated by the interplay of politics and education in the UK.

Detailed Description:

  • Unique Concept: This meticulously crafted tube-style map traces the educational backgrounds of the UK's Prime Ministers over the last 120 years, revealing a compelling narrative about the dominance of private schooling and Oxford University in shaping the nation's leaders.
  • Visual Appeal: Inspired by the classic London Underground map, this poster presents a complex network of lines and connections, transforming dense political data into an accessible and engaging visual format.
  • Quality Material: Printed on high-grade paper, ensuring durability and a premium feel, suitable for framing or direct wall mounting.
  • Educational Tool: An excellent resource for classrooms, libraries, or personal studies, offering a nuanced perspective on the UK's political landscape and the impact of educational institutions.
  • Conversation Starter: Whether displayed in your home, office, or public space, this map is bound to spark discussions and interest among viewers, making it an ideal decorative piece for spaces where intellectual engagement is valued.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: From A4 size up to A1
  • Material: High quality art paper, from 240gsm upwards
  • Shipping: Available for global shipping from Lewes, East Sussex.

Artist's Note:

Created by Mike Bell, a UK-based show and event designer, this map is a product of passion, born during the lockdown period. Merging a love for live music, data visualization, and political history, Mike Bell's maps are more than just art; they're storytelling canvases that capture the unique intersections of various cultural and historical narratives.

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