Back to the Future | Film Plot

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Experience the adventure of "Back to the Future (1985)" like never before with our unique underground-style map poster. Created by UK-based artist Mike Bell, this imaginative piece transforms the classic movie's plot into a network of interconnected tube lines, each representing key scenes and characters.


  • Cinematic Journey: Explore the twists and turns of Marty McFly's time-travel adventure, reimagined as a detailed underground map.
  • Creative Artistry: Combining show design expertise with a passion for data visualization, Mike Bell offers a fresh take on movie storytelling.
  • Ideal for Movie Fans: A perfect addition to the collection of any film enthusiast, adding a layer of artistic charm to any space.
  • Supporting Local Talent: Each purchase, available at our Lewes shop or online at, celebrates the innovative merger of cinema and visual art.

This poster is a must-have for fans of the film, unique art lovers, and anyone who enjoys creative interpretations of classic cinema.

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