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Mike Bell

As a lifelong music enthusiast and freelance designer, I've found a unique way to express my passion for both fields. I transform the rich, complex histories of renowned bands into intricate, data-driven visual narratives.

Every map I create at MikeBellMaps is a careful orchestration of the band's recording history, featuring their diverse discography as the network of a vibrant underground system. Just as each note contributes to the harmony of a melody, every line, intersection, and station in my maps forms a coherent story that narrates the evolution of these music maestros.

The Heartbeat of the 60s

When one thinks of the 60s, an image of a lively, free-spirited, and innovative era comes to mind. It was a time when music thrived, and bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys made their mark. Their studio albums are much more than just songs; they are a reflection of the era, the culture, and the spirit of the time.

You see, these bands created a resonance, they influenced a generation. Their story is one worth telling, one worth remembering. So, I chose to visualize their journey, creating maps that highlighted their studio albums, their collaborations, and their growth. Every single line on these maps represents a particular album, a specific moment in time, telling a tale that's often overlooked.

Venturing into the Underground of Punk and Post-Punk

From the swinging 60s, I ventured into the raw and rebellious world of punk and post-punk bands, mapping their dynamic evolution. Be it The Ramones or The Stranglers, their stories are complex, full of twists and turns, much like the underground maps I create.

Their music did not merely exist; it left an impact, pushing boundaries, and creating a cultural shift. The studio album revolution is a testament to that impact. Much like vinyl, every album tells a story, a narrative, a journey that the bands undertook, which is beautifully captured in these maps.

Solo Artists and Their Intricate Paths

Bands have a charm of their own, but there's something profoundly mesmerizing about solo artists. Their creative freedom, their unique sound, and their ability to shape their musical journey make them stand out. Artists like George Harrison and Kate Bush have traversed paths that are distinctly their own, weaving together music that stands the test of time.

When it came to mapping their journeys, I wanted to showcase how their individuality has shaped their music. Each line represents their creative evolution, providing a unique look into their solo careers.

Not Just Bands, But Cinematic Masterpieces Too

However, it's not only music that dances to the rhythm of my creativity. Being an ardent film enthusiast, I've expanded my craft to incorporate the cinematic world. I find that films, much like music, are a reflection of society, each with a distinct narrative that unfolds in its unique way.

Consider the film "Jaws", for instance. On the surface, it's a thrilling tale of a man-eating shark. But when you delve deeper, you realize it's an intricate plotline, weaving together various narratives, characters, and subplots. My creation, the Jaws underground map, is a testament to this complexity, illustrating each plotline, each character arc as a unique line on the map.

Similarly, the cultural impact of films like "The Shining" is immeasurable. With my map of 'The Shining', I wanted to highlight the various elements that make this film a masterpiece, from the plotlines to the iconic scenes and hidden motifs. If you're a film buff like me, take a look at the entire collection of Plot Lines films on the site.

The Unmapped Roads Ahead

The world is teeming with stories, each more captivating than the last. My journey through underground maps is far from over. As long as there are bands creating magical tunes, as long as there are films leaving a mark on the audience, I'll continue to map their stories, their journey, their evolution.

Exploring my collections on, you'll find an eclectic mix of bands, solo artists, films, and even events like the Formula One 2019 Season, all transformed into intricate underground maps.

Whether you're a music enthusiast, a film lover, or someone who appreciates the intertwining of creativity and data, these maps offer a unique perspective, a different approach to understanding and appreciating these art forms.

Join me on this melodic journey, as we traverse the Underground Maps of Bands, each line, each intersection a testament to their incredible journey. The maps are not just an ode to these bands and films, but also a celebration of their contribution to our culture and society.

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