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Billy Bragg is a British singer-songwriter and political activist who began his career in the late 1970s as part of the punk rock movement. He gained fame in the 1980s as a solo artist and political activist, known for his blend of folk and punk music, as well as his socialist and feminist views.

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Bragg released his first EP, "Life's a Riot with Spy vs Spy," in 1983, which was followed by his first full-length album, "Brewing Up with Billy Bragg," in 1984. He continued to release albums throughout the 1980s and 1990s, including "Talking with the Taxman About Poetry" (1986), "Workers Playtime" (1988), and "William Bloke" (1996). He's also well known by his work with a group of musician called The Red Stars.

Bragg's music is known for its mix of folk and punk influences, and for its politically-charged lyrics. He has been a vocal critic of neoliberalism and capitalist economic policies, and has also been an advocate for worker's rights and social justice. He was one of the co-founders of the group Red Wedge, which aimed to engage young people in politics through music.

Studio Albums

Billy Bragg has released several studio albums throughout his career, including:

1. "Life's a Riot with Spy vs Spy" (1983)
2. "Brewing Up with Billy Bragg" (1984)
3. "Talking with the Taxman About Poetry" (1986)
4. "Workers Playtime" (1988)
5. "The Internationale" (1990)
6. "Don't Try This at Home" (1991)
7. "William Bloke" (1996)
8. "England, Half English" (2002)
9. "Mr. Love & Justice" (2008)
10. "Tooth & Nail" (2013)
11. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (a cover album,2019)


Bragg is known for his politically progressive lyrics; his songs often address issues such as social justice, workers' rights, and the power of the individual to effect change. He has supported various causes, such as nuclear disarmament, LGBTQ rights, and the anti-fascist movement, as well as a vocal advocate for the rights of refugees and immigrants, and has been involved in various humanitarian aid efforts. Bragg has supported various causes and campaigns, such as the Anti-Nazi League and the Miner's Strike of 1984-1985.

Bragg has also been involved in numerous charity and benefit concerts for organizations such as Oxfam, Amnesty International, and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. He also often uses his social media platform to raise awareness on various political issues, making his thoughts and opinions on current events known to his followers.

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